Sylvain Wodey

I am a 39 year old autodidact photographer with a passion for travels and unusual encounters. My curiosity has taken me to Western Africa and Maghreb, Southern America, Asia and Europe, where I have been able to catch on the instant emotions, moments and situations.

In 2012, when I learned I suffered from a serious disease, I turned to photography to express all the daily enrichment of this difficult experience. Only when we miss something do we become aware of its value. How do time, patience, will, experience influence our vision of the world that surrounds us?

As such, unemployed time and physical impairment become lust for liberty, movement, curiosity. Meeting and sharing with people, reflecting, contemplating the buzz of our cultures with neutrality, independence and enthusiasm are my new passions; the richness of Man, cultural diversity, emotions, nature, contrasts and the imaginary my major source of inspiration for photography.

In this world, players are important, but so are observers, and I am glad to be one!

“We do not see the world as it is we see the world as we are” (Anais Nin).